Our Acts

Sure you'll see us fly planes like Mustangs, Cubs and WWI bi-planes but that's not all.

Check out our specialty acts that really fly, really!

See Super Mario come to life​                  

Debuting in 1981, The Mario series has been running for more than a quarter of a century, and in its lifespan has released more than two hundred video games. It has been so popular and spawned lots of games off the original concept such at Mario Karts. The Northern Aces have taken the game one step farther. Watch the karts race each other in the sky and root for your favorite. This is a blast. See it fly!


World Famous Flying Lawnmower​                  

Some guy shows up at every air show we perform at and tries to cut the lawn, right in the middle of the show. We try to shag him off the field but his lawnmower has a different idea. Instead of cutting the grass, this lawnmower cuts up the air. Yup, this lawnmower really does fly. Several years ago it was featured in stories in the national media.


Superheroes drop in

Who doesn't like Superman, or Iron Man? The Man of Steel makes an appearance at everyone of our air shows as does one of the Avengers superstar. Like the other specialty aircraft, creating Superman began with a couple of drawings, some on napkins. He was then assembled using the same pink foam used to insulate your home. Oops, there I did it again, gave away the secret. You could say that The Man of Steel is actually The Man of Foam.

radio controlled airplanes, radio controlled air shows, RC air shows, corporate events
radio controlled airplanes, radio controlled air shows, RC air shows, corporate events
Man in the Mirror

This is one of our newer acts and the crowd goes wild. Watch as one of our pilots flies his plane while watching it in a mirror held by another Northern Aces' show team member. I know what you're thinking, "Is this guy really doing this?" Well, you're just going to have to see for yourself. Click on the image on the left to see a video of the act.


Smoke on! That's what the pilots say when they turn on the smoke and let out in a friendly white cloud. Watch the aircraft do rolls, loops, fly upside down, and more. It's like watching a thrill ride at Disney! We do this at every show with a variety of aircraft.


Surf's Up, but be careful going into the water

Who says you have to be in California to surf? These "Surfer Dudes" must really like us because they follow us to every show. Well if they're surfing that means they are bait in the water and Jaws knows it.


Electric Ducted Fan & Foamy Jets

These are made of foam, or wood, or fiberglass and powered by electric motors which turn a fan unit somewhat similar to a turbine. You will see F-16's, F-15's, F-22's and more. We Love Jets and are not afraid to mix it up by flying in tight formations like you see on the right. We laugh when that happens. It's so much FUN!

radio controlled airplanes, radio controlled air shows, RC air shows, corporate events
radio controlled airplanes, radio controlled air shows, RC air shows, corporate events
F-16 Turbine

This is the real deal: An F-16 powered by a turbine and flying in the colors of The Thunderbirds. Not only does it look like a jet, it sounds like a jet...just like the planes you fly when going on vacation. This jet is capable of hitting 150 mph+! Click on the image on the left to see it fly.


Note: Because this jet needs a bit longer runway to take off and land, you might not see it at every show. Safety first!

World War I and II aircraft

Watch as we recreate sorties with our vintage WWI and WWII aircraft. You might see WWI aircraft such as Fand Albatros, Fokker, or Taube. For our WWII portion of the show, you will see Corsairs, Mustangs, AT-6's, and T-28's fly.


While it's cool to see the aircraft fly, we take "cool" to a new level by adding pyrotechnics to the act. Watch as the planes do strafing and bombing runs. Listen for the booooooom!



The Blue Angels

This jet team really loves to perform at our shows. Even though they are booked during the year, these guys find a way to show up and fly in their famous tight formations. Never mind those lines you think you see between the jets.

Snoopy vs. The Red Barron

The kids love this act. It must be because of Snoopy from the Peanuts comic strip by Charles Schultz. He fought the Red Barron in "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown", and "Merry Christmas Charlie Brown". In addition, The Royal Guardsmen featured them in three songs. You know, piece on earth, good will toward men (women too). At every air show this brave pup takes to the air to fight off the bloody Red Barron.


How low can you go?

Well for us, it's how low can one of our members lower the pole in our Limbo act. We use our flying wings for this act because they are so tough and, well sometimes they hit the pole. The last one under is the winner, perhaps sneaking through an opening that might be just inches. The crowd laughs and so do the pilots who fly in the act.

Candy Man...Candy Man...

The song made famous by Sammy Davis, Jr. can be heard over our PA system at the conclusion of our show when we drop Tootsie Rolls from Team Manager Gary Doeren's bright blue and white Piper Cub. As he climbs and circles the field the kids gather in a spot off the field and wait for him to make the drop. Once he lands, and is safely on the ground, the kids are let go and run wild to the spot where the Tootsie Rolls were dropped helping themselves to all the candy they want.

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