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USS Voyager Build


I'm a huge Star Trek freak! I watched the original series and everyone after that. I've also seen all the movies and have some plastic models of some of the ships hanging in my hangar (work area). I even tweeted to William Shatner, (Captain Kirk) and he tweeted back about this video which eventually went viral. Yup, the Shat and I are tight. I also love to build unusual aircraft.




This is not my first attempt at a Star Trek ship. A friend of mine, fellow freak, built an Enterprise A and it flies ok. So we blew up the plans. Buddy John built the Enterprise A but I wanted something different so I built the Enterprise B. We brought both of them to the field the same day. Long story short, John's flew and landed with minor damage. Mine, well not so good. Flight lasted about 30 seconds. I think I stalled it. Boom, pile of depron! Thought about rebuilding it but then saw the Voyager that I know flies.


I was hot to get one of the Star Trek ships so did some searching and found this one at SG-Ideas. Dennis, the owner/designer, has the Voyager along with the Enterprise A and D, Klingon cruiser, Imperial Star Destroyer (Star Wars), and more. All his kits are made from depron so they are easy to build. In this image you see the ship just after I dry fitted all the parts before glueing.

Give me some skin

How will it look like Voyager? The kit comes with the markings printed on tissue paper called skins. In this image you see my covering of the left half of the saucer section. I used Spray 77 to attach it to the depron. Looks pretty cool.

Let there be light

Well since the real deal, or at least TV real deal, had lighting of course I had to add lighting to mine since I love to fly at night. These are really cheap LED's that run off the LiPo battery and super light weight. I added red ones to simulate the impulse engines and blue ones for the warp engines. I also added a strobe and strip of white for the front. I know if your a hardcore Trekker, the impulse engines are at the rear but they looked cooler here. Wait until you see it all lit up. Coming soon!!!! Check back.

Getting all the wires tucked away was a challege and I did my best to hide them. Thinking back now, once it's in the air, who's going to see them anyway?

Time to light it up!!!!!

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